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Our USA trained IT technical director with over 20 years of experiences gives you the in-depth geeky advice you have been yearning for in U.A.E. It not about selling a product. Delivery the right solution, balancing price with specifications and smooth effortless installation are Computer Selection’s brand promise.

Backed by solid technical advice you enjoy a rich in-depth geeky conversation about your requirements that will you more knowledge when you put down the phone.

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Our Core Services

IP Telephony

We specialist in cloud based IP telephony. Our team can quickly deploy a telephony system in your company at fraction of the cost of our competitor.

We are experts connect multiple office in the UAE or cross country e.g. in India or South Africa. Reducing your international calls for intra company communications

Network Cabling

Upgrading your Wi-Fi or Opening a new office? Install the right cable is key drive to avoid future costly and business disruptions

Our team of professional installer can deliver an enterprise grade network room that meets the highest networking standards at an affordable rate.

IT Hardware Procurement

We specialist in simplify the IT procurement from the UAE market. With companies like Siemens trusting us for their procurement, why not outsource your procurement.

For qualify customers we offer credit terms, free delivery of goods, warranty repair & returns and free setup.

Laptop Bags


Your laptop might be one of the most expensive gadgets you own, so proper protection should be given to ensure that it is kept in good condition. HP laptop bags are designed to provide a comprehensive protection for your laptops and all its complementary accessories while you are on the move.


High-quality, stylish and innovative lifestyle products that carry and protect the digital equipment people use every day.


Pioneered the notebook carrying case category, partnering with corporations, retailers, and OEMs to provide the best possible protection for notebook PCs. Targus continues to define and shape the market for mobile computing cases and accessories. As the leading global supplier of portable solutions, Targus has offices on every continent and distributes in over 145 countries.

Deploy a telephony system in 3 days & under 10k AED

We are experts in the deployment of 3CX PBX in the cloud. The rapid deployment are possible with today’s virtual telephone line aka SIP trunks. Gone are the days where you purchase a dedicate PBX lines, card, server and telephones. Modern office work can use their mobile as the office extension decreasing telephony setup costs.

The 3CX platform is super simple for the average IT support administrator to manage and offers automatic enrollment of telephone or mobile device. With work from home in the UAE a challenge for small to medium size businesses.

Learn more about our standard solutions and pricing to get you up and running in days and not weeks.

Reduce your Wi-Fi Infrastructure Cost

Our team are experts in deployment of Unifi, Cisco and 5 other top brand of access point. Wi-Fi design is complex process with serval factors like wall thickness, obstructions, etc. affecting coverage area and speed of your Wi-Fi. Avoid being vendor over selling you access points. Our team will design the perfect quantities of access point that deliver the full speed expected and a design that minimize cabling distant and exceed your expectations in terms of labeling, cable quality and future troubleshooting.

The end user never cares about the technical challenge. Only that the service they expect is delivered

Choose what part of IT to outsource with AMCs catalog

We offer several Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) from IT consultation, to emergency VIP device procurement to ticket surge handling.

Take a look at some of our standard solutions and download our standard service terms to learn which IT service

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