About Us

The tech enthusiast

Sanjeev Jangla

My Story
Leaving the corporate world in 2004 , Sanjeev partnered up with several tech enthusiasts to form Computer Selection. Addressing the technology consultancy gap in the UAE marketplace . Ultimately ensuring technology works for my customers effortless.

About Me
Sanjeev Jangla is a Technology enthusiast passionate about leveraging IT to deliver business solutions. Focused in driving measurable business results through simplifying infrastructure and services

Jangla outstanding consultancy is backed with a MBA from the University of Houston in the USA. Ensure you feel the professionalism of his service. He true tech passionate spending his free time on try out the latest gadgets and tinkering with everything from smart home devices to Raspberry Pi.

T: +971 4 352 9 255
M: +971 50 685 5 109
E: sanjeev.jangla@computerselection.net

The Procurment lion

Nilesh Karani

Nilesh’s area of expertise is the application and supply of hardware and consumables to meet our client’s requirements. Nilesh is also responsible for managing the relationships of our Strategic Alliances while identifying new potential partners.

T: +971 4 352 9255
M: +971 55 150 2007
E: nilesh.karani@computerselection.net

CS your Digital Transformation Experts

Computer Selection has over 16 years of experience meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Since 1996, we have been providing IT solutions and services to a wide range of customers from Industrial & Construction through Banking & Logistics.

We offer Project Management Solutions, IT Products/Services as well as their related Consulting & Support.

As we evolve and develop, we will continue to add disruptive technologies to our portfolio that will enable our customers to increase their productivity, increase their capabilities while reducing or removing redundant workflows and IT Infrastructure

Why Computer Selection?

Great Partner Discount

With our wide partner portfolio we can quickly offer you quotes in matter of hours to start your price elimination and zone in the correct product that fits your budget.

In addition we can explain the discounting approach of the supplier and right time in the year to yield the maximum discount. For hardware product his means what time of year

Rapid Speed

As a partner we have completed all mandatory trainings on the product range and all employees hold the advance certificate in the configuration and setup of the device.

This mean you get a rapid deployment of your solution, peace of mind it setup perfectly and securely worry free experience for years.

Highly Skilled

Procuring the wrong technology can be painful and costly exercise. We proud of our ability to asses your environmental needs, future growth , functional requires and operational needs to deliver the complete solution every time.

We provide you realistic leads and definitive timeliness so your promise your business partner a clear date and sit back and relax while it get procure, installed and delivery optimal to end users.

What Our Customer Say About Us

Doug Lambert

Doug Lambert Executive Coaching

Badre Maktari

Sanjeev is a true expert with immense passion for technology. He does not sell you what you want. His consultancy mindset always directs you to right option. Unlike most vendor he loves challenges and is will to hunt for product or solution you want.

Business Technology Director, RSA Global

Sridhar Subbaraman

Oasis Insurance Group

Our Supplier Partnership